Psychology of Communication with Teenagers

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Many parents ask the question in counseling sessions what should be the right way to treat a teenager? Adolescence is a critical stage for any individual because it coincides with puberty and the period of identification in adolescence. Parents need to know how to deal with their teens and avoid common mistakes such as restrictions, direct supervision, and humiliation of their teen friends.  This is because misbehavior on the part of the parents can cause a variety of disorders, including personality disorder, depression, and impulse control disorders, and put the adolescent at risk. Also help improve the relationship between you and your child by getting help from psychologists, increasing information about adolescence, and being aware of the effects of cyberspace. In the following, we intend to investigate this issue further, so stay tuned.

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Correct Treatment of Adolescents

Proper treatment of adolescents is very important because adolescence is a stage that occurs at the same time as puberty. This critical period can shape a person’s personality and affect his or her future. In other words, the way parents treat their adolescent children predicts their future behaviors. With your good and bad behaviors, you shape your teen’s personality and let him or her learn how to treat others in later years.

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Adolescents, due to their special sensitivities, may have low self-esteem and self-confidence due to their parents’ misbehavior, which will have a significant impact on them in the years to come. With the right behavior, you can tell your teen that he or she is always dear to you and can count on your support. By doing this, you will provide him with confidence and the need for security, and you will make him an adult.

Common Mistakes in Dealing with Adolescents

Some parents, willingly or unwillingly, make mistakes in their relationship with their children. These mistakes in adolescence can have irreparable consequences in later years. The most important mistakes parents make include the following.

  1. Lack of familiarity with the characteristics of adolescence

Most families do not have enough information about the characteristics and features of this period, so they do not have a good understanding of the behaviors and conditions of adolescence and can not treat them properly. Unfamiliarity with this period makes them not behave according to their age and quarrel with them. Try to learn more about this course and understand them. For example, if you are more aware, you know that the need for independence and comment in this period is completely natural and part of the growth process in them.

  1. Disconnect from the Teenagers

If you want to be able to raise your teen well, you know that the first step is to have a good relationship. If you have a good relationship with your teen, let him or her know that you are his or her friend, that you will help him or her, that you care for him or her, and that he or she can consult with you on any occasion. The mistake most parents make is to cut ties with them. The result will be the beginning of secrecy and lying because there is no sense of trust between you and he will distance himself from you.

  1. Direct monitoring

Parents, under the age of 2 to 6, have direct supervision over their children to control and manage them, which of course is very good. But with adolescence, you know that it no longer works and you have to forget about it. If teens notice your direct supervision, not only will they be upset and disliked, but they will likely react harshly to you. It is natural for a teenager to think that you are trying to intrude on his or her privacy and that you want to control him or her.

  1. Stubbornness and not accepting mistakes instead of treating the adolescent correctly

Teenagers are critical and very sharp, so they will quickly notice your mistakes. If you make a mistake, accept it and admit your mistake. Rest assured that this will not harm your reputation and respect. It can even be said that the teenager will be pleased with this behavior and will respect you more because of your humility. On the other hand, you are teaching your child that no one is without faults and that he or she will fall short of his or her mistakes.

  1. Prevent the development of adolescent personal identity

Children have interests and talents separate from their parents. If parents want to raise their children according to their interests, they will not get anywhere, and eventually, one of the parties will be harmed. As a result, it is preferable to identify your child’s hobbies and assist him in developing his individuality. Children who are supported by their parents experience the greatest growth and prosperity.

  1. Not accepting your teen’s friends

Teenagers attach great importance to their friends. The humiliation of teenage friends is one of the biggest mistakes of parents because by doing so, they induce inadequacy in evaluation and decision-making for their child. Accept your child’s friends and allow them to socialize with supervision and restrictions. If you think that his friends are not suitable, tell your child the reason and ask him to express his opinion about this feature of his friends.

  1. Lack of awareness of children’s developmental challenges

Learn about adolescence and its changes. With information, you will find that many of his strange behaviors are completely normal and will disappear over time. But otherwise, the arguments between you will increase and the problems will increase.

Effective Solutions to Improve The Relationship Between Parents and Adolescents

To sum up this article, we believe you can use the following solutions to improve your relationships with teenagers and manage the mentioned circumstances. 

  • Be aware of the impact of Social Media

In today’s world, teenagers spend a lot of time in cyberspace and will face serious injuries if their parents do not control them. Of course, this does not mean that your child should stop using cyberspace altogether. Even still, having one remains out of reach for the typical individual. Allow the teen to use cyberspace, but control when and how he or she uses it.

  • Upgrade your information from this era and be up to date

Adolescence is just as difficult for parents as it is for adolescents. Raise your knowledge to respond best to your child’s concerns. For example, adolescents experience many physical and physical changes and become very worried and sensitive to these changes. In this situation, you can reduce some of his worries and strengthen your relationship by defining the memories of your adolescence.

  • Get help from a psychologist and specialist

Counseling helps parents communicate best with their teens. In many cases, parents and children can not understand each other due to many differences. In this situation, counseling acts as a bridge and teaches both parties how to communicate.

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