Dr. Michael Persinger

Because our work is interdisciplinary and may be different from what others have done, I insist that the techniques and results are published within the public forum (the scientific literature). This procedure will hopefully decrease the probability that the technology or knowledge will be employed only by a privileged few.Pin Up Casino bonuslarining keng assortimenti muassasaning o’ziga xos xususiyati hisoblanadi.

Psychology of Communication with Teenagers

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Many parents ask the question in counseling sessions what should be the right way to treat a teenager? Adolescence is a critical stage for any individual because it coincides with puberty and the period of identification in adolescence. Parents need to know how to deal with their teens and avoid common mistakes such as restrictions, direct supervision, and humiliation of their teen friends.  This is because misbehavior on the part of the parents can cause a variety of disorders, including personality disorder, depression, and impulse control disorders, and put the adolescent at risk. Also help improve the relationship between you and your child by getting help from psychologists, increasing information about adolescence, and being aware of the effects of cyberspace. In the following, we intend to investigate this issue further, so stay tuned.

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Correct Treatment of Adolescents

Proper treatment of adolescents is very important because adolescence is a stage that occurs at the same time as puberty. This critical period can shape a person’s personality and affect his or her future. In other words, the way parents treat their adolescent children predicts their future behaviors. With your good and bad behaviors, you shape your teen’s personality and let him or her learn how to treat others in later years.

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Adolescents, due to their special sensitivities, may have low self-esteem and self-confidence due to their parents’ misbehavior, which will have a significant impact on them in the years to come. With the right behavior, you can tell your teen that he or she is always dear to you and can count on your support. By doing this, you will provide him with confidence and the need for security, and you will make him an adult.


Psychology in the Casino

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Have you ever found yourself in a casino like you were last time? Your feet tell you to go home, but your brain tells you something else. Your brain signals you – to play again, this time you will win a prize. Although the chances are very small, you are willing to gamble again. Ever wondered why? Casinos know how to force you to stay even if you are on the verge of bankruptcy. They give you the feeling of winning, even if you want to lose the last dollar. But the question is: why do people never give up gambling despite the huge losses they have suffered? The reason is the psychological tricks that these people use behind the scenes of casinos. In this article, we want to inform you about such tricks and actions from casinos. На игровой платформе пинап казино вы найдете рулетку, покер,слоты и множество других игр

Game Design

The new gambling machines are planned so that misfortunes can be concealed as a success. Could Well, present-day machines have expanded pay lines, and that implies you have a superior possibility of winning. Regardless of whether we talk about internet-based clubs, most web-based gambling clubs don’t surrender. As pay lines increment, online clubs urge you to spend your cash on your number one games. More compensation lines mean more wins. Nonetheless, winning more doesn’t generally mean winning more money. You think you dominate the match. By the day’s end, when you gauge your costs and rewards, you will end up on the losing side.


Sociometry: The Study of Interpersonal Relationships in a Group

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Sociometry is a method of investigating aspects of the creation of social connections in groups. Jacob Morner invented this approach in 1934, and it was later refined by several social scientists. Mr. Morener’s goal, like that of other scientists, including Mr. Beels, was to improve the general state of society and, in particular, human interactions. In a sociometric exam, each team member is asked to choose another team member. The replies of each member of the group can provide a variety of consequences, and by following the instructions of this notion, we can learn about each person’s status in the group and, as a result, come up with helpful knowledge about the group. Here, we want to inform you about the definitions of different relationship results from this method and tell you why this idea counts as a unique one. 

Sociometric Relationship Types

Relationships obtained through sociometric testing can be divided into two categories:

1) Relationships between desire and reluctance: Such relationships are usually achieved by asking which member of the group the respondent likes the most.

2) Relationship preferences (Mentally): Here the question arises as to who with whom most (or least) wants to have a specific and well-defined relationship. For example, who (what person) most wants to get guidance on a particular issue? Who does he most like to invite to his birthday or his brother’s wedding, or who wants to work in a factory next to him? As a result of these emotional tendencies and informal and spontaneous relationships, it is based on having both a positive aspect (who did you invite to the party) and a negative feature. In particular, its negative aspect, ie reluctance, is very decisive.


How to deal with feelings of anxiety?

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We all experience anxiety at some points in our lives. Usually before exams, before an important interview, an appointment, waiting to see your loved one, etc., we get this state. Having a little anxiety is both normal and normal and definitely not a cause for concern. However, having too much anxiety can lead to disorders. You must have encountered people who are constantly worried about family, job, money, etc., have trouble sleeping, are constantly worried about something, and are moody and easily angered. Hasty lives and demanding jobs cut us off from ourselves. It may seem a little incomprehensible, but in simpler terms, it is the anxiety we suffer from. Anxiety knows no bounds, so it affects everyone.